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End Your Suffering With Neuropathy & Balance Problems.

If you’re tired of living in fear of falling, losing the ability to drive because you can’t feel the gas pedal and the brake, nerve pain keeping you awake at night, or losing your quality of life and your independence, then you need the exclusive new, breakthrough scientific therapy¬†option available at our clinic.

There is finally relief available for the countless number of people in our community that have suffered from nerve damage and balance issues. It's time to gain peace of mind knowing that you can safely drive and get back to the activities that you have missed for so long, pain free!

Shocking Pain

Pain in the legs and feet, often explained as electric shock, shooting, or pins and needles, is a tell-tale sign of nerve damage

Limb Numbness

If you have begun to loose feeling in your hands and feet, this could be an indicator of SIGNIFICANT nerve damage that needs to be addressed.

Poor Balance

Most people don’t realize that issues with balance can largely be attributed to nerve damage that can be improved over time using our therapies.

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We have seminars scheduled all over the St. Louis area to help shed some light on the amazing relief that NerveFit patients have experienced, and so can you!

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